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Spring 2024 Sale Dates

Consignor & Volunteer Registration - Opens December 22nd

(click here for consignor registration & click here for volunteer registration)

Deadline for entering items to sell - February 25th @ 11:59pm

Item Drop-Off - February 25th & 26th

(click here to make a drop off appointment once you've registered to sell)

Consignor & Volunteer Pre-Sales - February 27th

10:30am-1pm Committee Volunteers (3 shift volunteers)

11:30am-1pm 2 shift Volunteers

4pm-8pm 1 shift Volunteers

4:30pm-8pm Donate All Consignors

5pm-8pm Consignors

5:30pm-8pm Teachers and Foster Parents

VIP Shopping - February 28th at 8am 

click here for more info

Shopping Open to the Public - 

February 28th 9am-3pm and 5pm-7:30pm 

February 29th 9am-3pm and 5pm-7:30pm*

March 1st 8am-11am*

*select items 50% off 

Consignor Item & Check Pick-Up - March 1st 3:30pm-5pm

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