Pickup is  Thursday October 8th, Friday October 9th and Saturday October 10th!

Please hang name (in bold) from the rearview mirror or place in the front dash. You may pull into any designated TNT To-Go parking spot labeled 1-10 at your scheduled pickup time. Please do not pull into spots before your time, unless directed to do so.
Pickup Spots 1-10.jpg
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The sale opens at 9am on 9/25! CLICK HERE to shop.


The online sale will be open to the public September 25 through October 2nd. The site is very user friendly and shopping will be just like shopping on your favorite clothing websites!

Buyers will sign up for a time slot to pick up their purchased items in a drive-thru on October 9th or 10th.

*Please do not shop with us if you’re unable to pick up on those days*

Discount days are Sept. 30-Oct. 2! Select items 30% off! Discount will begin at 9am on September 30th.