Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do I need to include batteries in toys, electronics, etc.?

    • Yes. Customers like to know if the product actually works. Items without batteries will NOT be accepted.


  • What is the best way to price my items?

    • See the Seller Handbook for a pricing guide! Be conservative when pricing so that it will sell quickly. A good rule of thumb is: 1/3 of the new price for items in Excellent condition and 1/4 of the price for items in Fair to Good condition. Evaluate your prices: Would you pay that amount for the item? All items should be priced at $1.00 or above, in whole or half dollars. We recommend for items of lesser value be combined with like items for best results. Remember: Choose whether or not you want items discounted 50% during discount sale hours.


  • Why do you only accept metal hangers? My baby clothes will not fit. 

    • Plastic hangers tend to break after being shifted on the racks, and plastic coated do not move at all on the racks. If you will unsnap the infant's garment and put the hanger through the bottom, you will have no problem hanging your item. Please don't bend the hangers.


  • Why no straight pins?

    • Straight pins can stick, and we need to protect our shoppers and volunteers. Straight pins can also slip off the clothing, causing your clothes to fall off the hanger or your tag to fall off.


  • Why can I only bring 8 pairs of shoes?

    • We have so many shoes to sell that we can only accept 8 of your best pair of shoes.  Sports shoes/cleats & dance/tap shoes DO NOT apply to regular shoe total.

  • Why aren't you accepting stuffed animals anymore?

    • Stuffed animals typically don't sell very well. Also, they are difficult to clean and take up a great deal of space at the sale. Due to covid-19, we decided it is best that we no longer accept them for those reasons.


  • What is your stroller policy?

    • We only allow umbrella strollers during our busiest shopping hours. Strollers take up a lot of room in the aisles and we simply do not have room for everyone to shop and push a stroller in the aisles when we're crowded. Please note that we will tag your stroller as you enter so that it isn't mistaken for merchandise. 


  • Will a nursery be available during the sale?

    • No, baby-sitting services are not available. We ask that you keep your children close to you at all times for their safety. 


  • What happens to the items left at the end of the sale?

    • All items that are NOT picked up by end of sale on Friday will be donated to charity. Check the Seller Handbook for item & check pick up details.